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The Confederacy won the First Battle of Bull Run.

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Union won the American Civil War. Also known as the North.

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Q: Did the confederacy lose the war or did the union win the war?
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Did the union win the civil war?

Yes.Yes. The Confederacy was dissolved soon after.

What happened between NC and the Confederacy?

North Carolina vs. the Confederacy! The Confederacy was trying to North Carolina (NC) to stay with the Confederacy. The Union was nicest to NC so, the Confederacy could lose one of it's states or possibly see if NC could help make the Confederacy give up and let the Union win! At the end of the Civil War, the Union wins anyway!!! The Civil war lasted for six years (1860-1865). NC is still with the Confederacy after the Civil War is done with. After the Civil War, they start Reconstruction to rebuild the Union and the Confederacy!There are seven Confederacy States and twenty-one Union starts durign the Civil War!!! -Christy

What was the south strategy to win the war?

The south didn't win the Civil War. It was the North (The Union) who beat the South (The Confederacy)

Did the confederacy win or did the union win in the battle of petersburg?

The Union

Did the confederacy win or did the union win in the battle of Gettysburg?

The union won that battle.

What campaign was used to win the war and equal rights for blacks in the US?

The Civil War. The North was the Union and the South, the confederacy.

The importance of the Battle of Vicksburg was that it was the last chance for the Union to win.?

No. It was the last chance for the Confederacy to win. After that, their only hope was that Lincoln would lose the 1864 election.

Did the the union or the confederacy win Gettysburg?

The Union won at Gettsburg.

Did America win the civil war?

The Union(America) won against the Confederacy at Richmond, Virginia after the confederates surrendered.

What did the confederacy win at Chancellorsville and what did they lose?

they lose when t old tom fool died

Did the Confederacy win the Civil war?

No They Did Not U.S.A. Won The War

Did the Americans win in the Civil War?

The term "civil" means relating to citizens, so they were all Americans. The Americans were divided into 2 groups at the time, the Union and the Confederacy. The Union was victorious.