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Most people mistaking believe that the Union declared war on the South because of slavery. This was not true until the war was ending, and the Union thought that slavery was the South's inspiration to fight. The North declared war on the South to preserve the Union.

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they got into political arguments with the north and were sure they could win. Also they took the north insults to heart being born and raised in the south

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Q: Why did the Confederacy go to War?
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Did any African Americans fight for the confederacy in the civil war?

Yes. Salve owners let there slaves go out to war.

During the civil war was Texas a member of the confederacy or the union?


What was the confederacy in the civil war 1860?

The Confederacy as a nation did not exist in 1860.

Were the confederacy the south in the civil war?

Yes. The Confederacy and the South are the same thing in the context of the War Between the States.

What opposed the confederacy in the civil war?

The Union or Federal forces opposed the Confederacy.

Was Robert E. Lee a citizen of the union or the confederacy?

He was on the Union side but then, when war came, he decided to go to the Confederacy because he didn't want to fight against the place he called home. He didn't even want war in the first place!

Who was the confederacy in the civil war?

The South.

What happened between NC and the Confederacy?

North Carolina vs. the Confederacy! The Confederacy was trying to North Carolina (NC) to stay with the Confederacy. The Union was nicest to NC so, the Confederacy could lose one of it's states or possibly see if NC could help make the Confederacy give up and let the Union win! At the end of the Civil War, the Union wins anyway!!! The Civil war lasted for six years (1860-1865). NC is still with the Confederacy after the Civil War is done with. After the Civil War, they start Reconstruction to rebuild the Union and the Confederacy!There are seven Confederacy States and twenty-one Union starts durign the Civil War!!! -Christy

Did the majority of the battles in the civil war occur in the union or confederacy?

Most in the Confederacy - by far.

Can you write a sentence for the word confederacy?

The Civil War was fought between the Confederacy and the Union.After the Revolutionary War the colonies formed a confederacy, until it proved unworkable and they reorganized as the United States.Following the breakup of the USSR, much of the country was reorganized as a confederacy.

Did the Confederacy win the Civil war?

No They Did Not U.S.A. Won The War

How did the Union depend on the Confederacy?

It didn't. The Confederacy was the government formed by those states attempting to leave the Union. The two were at war. Michael Montagne Actually, the Union did depend on the Confederacy. With out the confederacy's contributions to the war and *mistakes* the Union would have never won.