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Liverpool (UK) merchants financially helped the south. And the south had a consular office in Liverpool during the civil war.

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Q: Did the south have allies in the Civil War?
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Who were allies on the other side in the civil war in the south?

some of the African American

Did the north have allies in the civil war?

no, they didn't. The UK was helping the south though.

Who had more advantages to assist during the civil war?

The north had more advantages, the south had more allies.

What countries was the Vietnam war between?

It was a civil war of sorts, with North Vietnam fighting to unify the country with the help of allies China and the Soviet Union - and South Vietnam, defended by western and Asian allies in the South East Asia Treaty Organization. (SEATO)

Did the civil war heve allies?


What groups fought in the Vietnam civil war?

Vietnam has never had a civil war. The closest you could get would be the Vietnam War, which was fought between the separate although related countries of North and South Vietnam (along with the allies of each side).

South tactics for winning the civil war?

The south lost the civil war

Who did the Civil War affect?

Everyone in the United States and Europe was also placed in jeoprady. The South's cotton had mostly gone there, and both the North and the South needed European Allies.

When did South Yemen Civil War happen?

South Yemen Civil War happened in 1986.

What was Lincoln's famous proclamaton?

* The proclamation emansepating slavery! Loncolns ruse, to keep France, and England from joining the South; in the civil war. But for that proclomation; the South would have most probably won the civil war, with France, and England as their allies. * It was a piece of propoganda; that effectivly kept both France, and England out of direct participation in the war!

That the Korean war was a civil war in which the United states supoorted one side or an international war?

It was truly a civil war, although both sides had allies.

What is the difference in a civil war and a war of aggression?

A civil war is when 2 factions fight to control the same government. The south wanted their own government so the American 'Civil War' was not a civil war. It was and is the south's view that the north invaded the south, starting a war of aggression.