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Q: Did they make a movie about based on the book The Devils Arithmetic?
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How old was Hannah in The Devils Arithmetic book and in the movie?

She was 17

What is the name of the book that the movie Autumn Hearts is based on?

The movie is based on the book EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC by Mark Cohen

What is the season for Hannah in the devils arithmetic book?


Whose wedding is it in the book the devils arithmetic?

It is Fayge's and Shmuel's wedding

Where can i get questions and answers to Devils Arithmetic?

I would suggest going to the “Literature” section of Answers, as “Devil’s Arithmetic” has nothing to do with basic arithmetic (I believe, for I have not read the book).

What predictions does the badchan make in the book the devils arithmetic?

nothing i haven't gotten there to that point yet

Why the book the Devil's Arithmetic is call the Devil Arithmetic?

Because it was Hitlers plan which is sort of like arithmetic and as you know Hitler is the devil *improvision by Shockcom51 in the book it says that each day someone dies 1 person + 1 + 1 and they call this devils arithmetic also they say counting the days they live and not knowing if tommorrow they will add another day or for how much longer they will continue this devils arithmetic

Was the book the devils camera be a movie or book first?


Did Shmuel plan the escape in the book The Devils Arithmetic?

It did not directly say who planed the escape but who was pat of the escape

What is the climax of the devils arithmetic book?

When Chaya takes Rivka's place and marches off to her own death

In the book the devils arithmetic what did Hannah dream about and why?

that she went back in time and she was in the holocaust and she has to cut her hair and her new name was chaya.

What is the settings in the 'Devils Arithmetic'?

The setting of this book is first she was at new rochelle,then,when she got transported in the past she was in lublin or at poland.....