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No. Time in ROTC does not count towards your military time in service.

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Q: Does ROTC military service count for 20 year regular service?
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Job can you get with a military history degree?

you could spend some time in the military then become a Naval Science instructor with a ROTC program. the material learned by the students has a lot to do with military history such as WW2 Vietnam civil war ect

What job can i get with a military history degree?

you could go into the military for a couple of years and then become a Naval science teacher in an ROTC program. a lot of material involves knowledge on major conflicts and world wars.

How can you get a higher rank when joining the military?

If you participate in ROTC in college, completion of the first two years will allow you to enter the military in the third pay grade rather than the first. There are other organizations who's training will net you advanced pay on enlistment, for example; training as a cadet in your local Civil Air Patrol squadron. National Guard recruiters will also award advanced pay grades if you help recruit other people.

What is Army officer candidate school?

There about 7 ways to gain a US Army commission: 1. US Military Academy at West Point 2. State Military Academies/State OCS's 3. College ROTC 4. Battlefield commissions 5. Direct commissions 6. Private Military Academies 7. US Army OCS Army OCS was the Army's way of making mass produced officers from drafted men, such as during WW2. Sometimes, they were referred to as "90 day wonders." During the Vietnam War, drafted men were GT tested (military IQ) those with 110 scores or above could be sent to OCS. College was NOT a requirement for Army officers during the Vietnam War.

How do you get into Army Reserve Officer Candidate School?

Apply to college ROTC. There used to be two year curriculums and four year courses.

Related questions

What does ROTC commit you to?

Generally, your commitment to the military is directly proportional with the number of years ROTC pays for your school. If you are awarded a full 4-year scholarship through ROTC, you will owe the military 4 years of active duty service.

If you join ROTC in college do you have to join the military?

Joining the Reserve Officers' Training Corps does not mean that you have to join the military, it means that if the military needs you they can call you up for service. Theoretically, in times of peace, you might never be needed. Of course, the current times are not very peaceful, so you can pretty much count on being called up.You must serve an 8 year contractual period of service with the armed forces on completion of your studies if you take an ROTC scholarship, or participate in the ROTC Advance Course.However, taking the ROTC Basic Course does not oblige you to serve with the armed forces.

Rotc in the Philippines?

The ROTC is a component of the National Service Training Program in the Philippines. It stands for Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and its primary purpose is to provide students with military training.

What are the 5 areas of focus for ROTC?

If you mean what they look at before they give you a scholarship here it is Academics Sports Extracurricular Service..... not military service more of community service and Leadership experience

When is an ROTC cadet considered a member of the US military?

As soon as s/he is inducted into the ROTC.

Do you have to join the military if you went to military school?

No you don't unless you are in college ROTC or a military university Lime West Point, Air Force Acadamy, and the Naval Acadamy. You can take ROTC without an obligation to serve in the military upon graduation. The only way you'd be obligated through ROTC is if you attended university on an ROTC scholarship.

How many presidents graduated from ROTC?

Zero. Many Presidents served in the military, but none were in ROTC.

In ROTC what rank is three stripes up?

It depends on the ROTC, but it should be the actual military rank.Additional information:Sergeant.Air Force ROTC what rank is that

What are the physical requirements for Army ROTC?

Military fitness

Earning ROTC Scholarships?

The ROTC is an organization that allows students to participate in military groups while they are still in high school and college. High school students who have been active in the ROTC can qualify for scholarships that will cover their college costs while they continue to provide active ROTC service. There are scholarships available from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine branches of the ROTC. High School ROTC Involvement ROTC scholarships are available to high school students who have shown excellence in service while they participated in their local high school ROTC chapters. These students must complete a certain number of service hours, have a high grade point average, and complete a scholarship application with an accompanying essay. The ROTC will subsidize a student’s college education if that student agrees to remain an active member of the ROTC while attending college. Working with the ROTC While in College College ROTC groups are more intense than their high school counterparts. Since students live on campus and have less structured schedules, the ROTC participates in a larger number of activities. Many students will spend their weekends working with the local National Guard troops and learning about the military while they spend their weekdays completing their civilian studies. An ROTC scholarship is meant to give students the opportunity to learn leadership and organizational skills through college classes while they continue to work closely with their military outfits. After Graduation College graduates who attended school on ROTC scholarships are immediately mustered into the service branch of their choice with an officer’s ranking. ROTC scholarships prepare students for careers that will begin as active duty officers in their chosen branch of the military. If someone completes college through an ROTC scholarship, he or she is allowed to skip the officer training that they would have had to attend otherwise. Attending school on an ROTC scholarship requires that you promise to serve in the military for a specific number of years after graduation, which means that you will have a job as soon as you leave college. The training you receive in the military will prepare you for a number of career opportunities after you finish your tour of duty.

Is the ROTC a minor?

ROTC is not in itself a minor. However, you can minor in whatever the main field of your ROTC branch is. For example: if you complete the full curriculum for Army ROTC, you can be eligible for a Military Science Minor, or Aerospace Studies Minor with Air Force ROTC.

What are the advantages of ROTC in the view of the US Government?

ROTC allows many students to receive education for free in exchange for service to their country. There are many active duty officers that were trained through the programs. ROTC allows a reserve force of officers in case of a war. ROTC makes a bond between rich students at prestigious universities, and allows them to serve in the military without losing on their education.

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