End of opium war

Updated: 8/23/2023
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The Treaty of Nanking (Nanjing) ended the first Opium War on August 29th 1842.

During the second Opium War the Treaties of Tianjin and Aigun ended the first part but shortly after the war continued because the Xianfeng Emperor was persuaded to resist the West by his ministers. The June 1858 Treaty of Tianjin was finally ratified in October 1860.

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The treaty of Nanking ended the war in 1842.

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The British won the war against Qing Dynasty in China and therefore from the provisions of the Treaty of Nanjing, they gained control of Hong Kong and they continued to sell opium in China.

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Q: End of opium war
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When did opium war happen?

There were 2 Opium Wars, the First Opium War was from 1839-1842 the Second Opium War was from 1856-1860

When did opium war 1 and 2 start and end?

1839-1842 and 1856-1860

Who won the Opium War the Chinese or the British?

The British won the first and second Opium War.

How many times have Britain and China gone to war?

twice in Opium War 1 and Opium War 2

Why the British were eager to end the ban of opium in china?

The opium trade was extremely profitable for the British, and thus they wished to end the ban of opium in order to resume the opium trade and make profits.

Did opium have a big affect on people in the 1800s?

The affect that opium had on people was mainly the First opium war 1839-1842. That war was between the British East India Company and Qing Dyunasty of China forcing China to allow free trade in opium. The era was known as the "end of Chinese isolation bringing them into modern Chinese history ending the monopoly of trading in opium. The rest is all history with the Chinese bringing opium to Sanfrancisco and addicting many Americans. hat

What events led to the opium war?

he opium war was started by the british people selling opium to the Chinese people for their goods. The emporer of china was angry because of all of the people always on opium so he made it illegal to sell or buy opium. When Britain kept selling the opium illegaly, that's what started the war. heroin addicts.

Was the Opium War a just war?


When did the first opium war start?

The first opium war began, in very brief words, because China wanted to control the importing of Opium from Britain, and Britain was not a fan since its largest export to China was Opium and imported tea.

Given the Chinese wish to end the opium trade how could Britain defend its role in the opium war?

Britain might have defended its role in the Opium War by pointing to the corruption in the Manchu government and the heavy taxes levied on the peasants, as being hypocritical of what Lin says in the letter. The letter indicates that Chinese exports included silk, tea and rhubarb. China's trade with foreigners before the Opium War was conducted through Canton.

What effect did the opium war have on china?

The Opium wars ruined the Chinese functioning society

What kind of problems did opium cause in china?

The opium war mainly began because of the British and China having an opium trade for tea. The British would get there tea if China got there opium. but the cause of the war was that china wouldn't accept opium anymore, and the british wern't okay with that.