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Examples of concentration camps during the Holocaust are Bergen- Belsen and Aushwitz. This are the most well known concentration camps. Also in Bergen- Belsen Anne and Margot Frank died. Anne in March of 1945. Margot in eather the end of Febuary or early march 1945. In Aushwitz Mrs. Edith Frank died on January 6th 1945. Only ten days later the camp was liberated.

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Q: Examples of concentraion camps during the Holocaust?
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What were the camps during the Holocaust?

Concentraion camps

Did the concentration camps contribute the holocaust?

Concentration camps were very common during and before the Holocaust.

What camps were the gas chambers located in during the holocaust what were the names of the camps?

concentration camps.

Where were the Jews placed during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps

What did the jew's do at the labor camps during the holocaust?


What area would the Jewish sleep during the Holocaust?

concentration camps or death camps

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they didn't ik was torcher

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The largest of the death camps during the holocaust was Auschwitz, in Poland.

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What was Lilith's cave during the Holocaust?

It was the Crematorias in the Death Camps

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the life inside of the camps during the Holocaust

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no, that would serve no practical purpose.