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Hawks which were the people who were for war including the Vietnam War.

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Q: Favored stronger military action in Vietnam?
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Who favored stronger military action in Vietnam?

the USA.

Who favored am immediate peace in Vietnam?

the doves favored an immediate peace in Vietnam and the hawks favored stronger military action in Vietnam - I got this right on my quiz :)

What gave the President complete control over military action in Vietnam?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution is what gave the President complete control over military action in Vietnam. It was a Congressional act.

At the beginning of the Civil War President Abraham Lincoln favored?

quick military action to show the folly of secession.

What large military action was the US involved in during the 1960's?

Vietnam war

When did green berets become part of the military?

They became part of the U.S. Military in 1952 but saw most action during the Vietnam War.

When did US enter Vietnam War?

Military advisors first arrived in Vietnam in 1950. America started sending troops into Vietnam as early as 1960, but they took no military action until 1965. The United States was actively (militarily) involved in the Vietnam War from 1965 to 1975.

What presidents ordered military action against communism?

President's Wilson (Allied intervention in Russia), Truman (Korea), Kennedy (Vietnam, Cuba), Johnson (Vietnam), Nixon (Vietnam), Ford (Mayaguez incident), and Reagan (Grenada). If one considers the U-2 incident to be a military action, you could include President Eisenhower.

When was the last military action taken in Vietnam?

North Vietnam, in contradiction to the peace agreement it had entered into, in 1975 conducted a full-scale conventional invasion of South Vietnam and took it over.

Approximately what percent of the US military men and women died in the Vietnam war or remain missing in action?


Approximately United States military men and women died in the Vietnam war or remain missing in action?


Is the phrase Plan of actions or plan of action?

If you have one, it's a plan of action. If you have several, they are plans of action (or action plans).Republicans favored high tariffs while democrats favored low tarrifs ??

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