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the Cold War stated when Stalin broke the Yalta agreement by forcing communism upon Eastern European Nations.

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Q: From the American point of view the cold war started when?
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What was the United States point of view and the rest of Asia point of view in the Vietnam war?

The point of view from the US and the rest of Asia was, we all knew it was "a communist thing"...the cold war. What could anyone do about the cold war? We had to live with it. When it came to the "shooting" part, during the Korean & Vietnam Wars, we had to live with it. When men started getting drafted to "participate" in it...then the riots and protests began.

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Could the Cold War be called the Third World War and why or why not?

The cold war from the point of view of the people and country's that were being literally destroyed was certainly not the Third world war. However from the point of view of those that make cold hard cash and gain power it was actually better then the second world war.

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