Has Chile ever had a war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, Chile has had many wars they have never lost a single war despite what people may say.

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Q: Has Chile ever had a war?
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Did falklands war effect Chile?

did the falklands war effect chile

Did the US ever declare war on Chile?

Yes, on a dare from President Rutherford B. Hayes, for 17 minutes.

Does Chile have a war going on?

Chile has no war going on at this time( May 2014)

How is the president of Chile' chosen?

Who ever can eat the most Chile peppers

Did Peru have war Chile?

Yes, Peru and Bolivia went to war against Chile in the War of the Pacific in 1879-1873.

Did Chile ever win the Football world cup?

No, Chile have never won the World Cup.

What countries has Chile colonised?

None. Chile has fought only 2 wars; the independence war, where it defeated Spain, and the Pacific War, where it defeated Peru and Bolivia. Both of these countries lost territory to Chile, but we could not say Chile "colonized" them.

Did Chile ever host a world cup?


Was there ever a magnitude ten earthquake?

No. The largest ever recorded was in 1965 in Chile and that was a 9.5.

Is Chile in war right now?

No, not at the moment

Has Chile ever hosted the World Cup?

As of 2012, Chile in South America is yet to host the football World Cup.

Where was the largest earthquake ever record?

in Chile. it was a 9.5 on the scale.