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The longest war the United States ever entered was the Vietnam War.

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Cold war

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Q: What was the longest war the US has ever entered?
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What was the longest US war before 1850?

The French and Indian War was the longest US war before 1850.The longest US war in history was the Vietnam War.

What date US entered World War 1?

The US entered the war on April 6,1917

Was the US ever bombed during a war?

Japan once bombed Pear Harbor before we entered WWII

Why did the allies embark on the war in 1917?

The allies entered the war in 1914; the US entered the war in 1917.

Longest us war?

The war on drugs

What year did the US entered world war 1?

1917 smart

What are the causes of the US entry into Wolrd War 1?

Un-restricted submarine warfare. If it wasn't for that, the US would not have entered the war. As it was, the US was only in it for a year ended in 1918 (the US entered the war in 1917).

When did the US enter war?

The us entered the Vietnamese war in 1950 they exited in 1975 entered to avoid a communist takeover of south Vietnam

Did the us enter world war 1 early or late?

The US entered when it declared war on Germany on April 6th 1917. So they entered late.

What was one of the reason the US entered the war?

please specify which war

When the US entered the war and why?

which of the following occured after the U.S. enterd the war?

Why did the US become involved ind the war what was the dates the us entered the war?

Warmongers, dawg