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Viet Nam 1961-1975

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Q: Was the cold war the longest war the US was in?
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What was the longest war the US has ever entered?

The longest war the United States ever entered was the Vietnam War.

What was the longest US war before 1850?

The French and Indian War was the longest US war before 1850.The longest US war in history was the Vietnam War.

Longest leader of soviet union during cold war?

Leonid Brezhnev had the longest tenure (18 years) as the Soviet leder during the Cold War.

Longest us war?

The war on drugs

Why did the US lose the cold war?

It is generally accepted that the USSR lost the Cold War, not the US.

How did the US and US create the foundation for the Cold War?

what do you mean the u.s never had a cold war with itself

What was the conflict between the US and the Soviet Union?

Cold War

What was the term for the conflict between the US and Soviet Union after World War II?

The Cold War.

Was the Afghanistan war a long war?

The US has been fighting in Afghanistan longer it was fighting in Vietnam. It is the longest war in US history.

In reaction to Cold War tensions the US Congress did what?

The US Congress passed laws limiting the activity of the Communist Party in the US, in reaction to Cold War tensions. The Cold War lasted from 1945 to 1991.

Who was the Strategic backyard of the US during the cold war?

Latin America was the strategic backyard of the US during the Cold War. The Cold War started after World War II and lasted until 1991.

Did the cold war affected the US policy when dealing with nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons WERE the cold war. No Nukes, No Cold War.