How big are attoms?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Take it this way a single speck of dust is made up of a few trillion. Yeah pretty small!

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Q: How big are attoms?
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how many attoms are in a gold bar?

A lot.

What is a matter with two or more different kinds of attoms?

the answer is a molecule

What sub attomic parts make up the mass of the attoms?

Protons and neutrons.

What is relation between nanotechnology and attoms?

Nanotech is so tiny that it is around the size of a few atoms

If a carb molecule contained six carbon attoms how many hydrogen atoms would it contain?


Groups of atoms joined together form?

a group of the same attoms create an element and a group composed of different atoms forms a compound

What happens when an object is cooled?

For most substances, when it cools, the particles move a bit closer together, so the volume decreases.

Is it true that the gravity it takes to keep electrons around the nucleus of an atom may be slightly more than than needed to keep the electrons attached and that extra gravity adds up to attraction?

The extra gravity from the electron/nucleus attraction , even tho it is tiny, will add up when trillions of attoms from a planet, asteroid, or sun to form a gravity shield around the object. the more attoms there are, the greater the attraction.

What determines an attoms atomic number?

The number of protons.

What is the Classifications of carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are a type of organic molecule that can form polymers including cellulose, chitin, and peptidoclycan. The monomers include glucose and sucrose. Most carbohydrates contain one carbon atom and oxygen atom for every two hydrogen attoms. Carbohydrates can form monosaccharides polysaccharides and di-saccharides.

What kind of energy can be removed from liquid water to change it into ice?

Energy added excites (causes to move) the atoms and will cause something to go from solid to liquid. A solid state like ice has attoms that are not moving as much. Add energy and the attoms then begin to move more and the solid will begin to lose its form. The more energy you add the closer you get to a more excited state of matter we call gas. Then finally the most excited state of matter is that of Plasma! You can see Plasma in the light arc of a light bulb by the way but don't look at it directly or you'll blind your eyes for a while.

What is the planet Earth made up of?

The Earth is made up of gases such as carbon dioxide,air,oxygen,gravity,water and much more.They all came out of Attoms from stars that exploded which is called a "supernova"(WE ARE MADE OUT OF ATOMS"