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The Big Bertha was used in ww1. It is a huge gun. That is why its is called "BIG bertha'.

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Q: When was big Bertha used in world war 1?
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Who made Big Bertha during world war 1?


What did the soldier in World War 1 called the big guns?

it might be the big bertha

German big shot in Holland?

Do you mean Big Bertha? from World War One.

What is the longest gun in the world?

a gian gun from world war 1("big bertha")

What was the nickname of railway guns used in World War 1?

I think it might be "BIG BERTHA", but I don't have any supporting detail.

When was the Big Bertha put out of Comission?

Big Bertha, a super-heavy artillery gun used by Germany in World War I, was disabled by its crew on September 10, 1918, to prevent it from falling into Allied hands as they advanced towards Germany.

What is Big Bertha well known for?

Big Bertha is well known for being a huge cannon used during World War I. It was developed by the Germans and was used to bombard cities from a long distance. It gained notoriety for its size and destructive capabilities.

Name of World War 2 cannon?

I know it's hard to believe, but I saw the answer in a crossword. The name of the WWII cannon was "Big Bertha". Correction: "Big Bertha" was a large Howitzer in WWI, not WWII.

Duruing world war 1 what happen to Paris?

in ww1 bombarded (big bertha) but not invaded in ww2 invaded but not bombarded

Who is big Bertha from World War 1?

We have been doing the subject of world war one in school and a vauge description of it is a cannon used by the Germans in world war one. Can any body help me by telling my the other alliance system i know the triple alliance but i have forgot the other

What was name of Large heavy gun world war 1 German artillery?

You're probably thinking of "Big Bertha", the German cannon which bombarded Paris from 75 miles away. More formally they were called the "Paris Guns". The "Big Bertha" nickname was from the daughter of Krupp, the German industrialist who built the guns.

What was the nickname for the German cannon that hurled an 1800 pound shell nine miles during world war 1?

Big bertha