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I think it might be "BIG BERTHA", but I don't have any supporting detail.

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Q: What was the nickname of railway guns used in World War 1?
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What are the similarities from World War 2 and the modern world today?

used guns

What were the major weapons used in World War 1?


Which weapons might have inflicted the greatest damage on the enemy in world war 1?

Artillery caused the most damage, WW1 saw the implementation of the howitzer and railway guns. They used heavy indirect fire killing many, many soldiers.

How did guns and roses guiatairist slash get his nickname?

SLASH was given the nickname from a family friend who called him "SLASH" because he was always in a hurry, zipping and slashing around while getting ready for what he was to embark on. He has had the nickname ever since, and this was at a very young age when it was first used.

What is korpikoski's nickname?

Korpedo and Korppari are commonly used around the world :)

How many guns were used by the US in world war 2?


Which countries in World War 1 used the machine guns?

They all did.

What is the nickname of North Pole?

The nickname of the North Pole is the "Top of the World."

What was an Ammunition shelf used for in World War 1?

Ammunition shelf's were where the soldiers kept their ammunition and guns.

What kinds of guns did they use in World War 2?

Practically every conceivable type of gun was used in World War II, from silenced pistols to rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and bazookas. Artillery included anti-tank guns, howitzers, field guns, railway guns, naval guns, and a plethora of ship-to-ship and anti-aircraft weapons. Japanese warships fired special fragmenting anti-aircraft shells called beehives. In the Baltic states, old-fashioned shotguns and smoothbore cannons were used, although they were technically obsolete. The basic weapons employed by American GI's were the M-1 Garand rifle, the Browning (BAR), Thompson machine gun, and the 45 caliber Colt pistol, and a variety of light machine guns.

Why machine guns were used in World War 2?

Machine guns have a higer rate of fire and so they shoot bulets faster

What nickname was used for a Commander-in-Chief in World War 2?

bomber harris