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Q: How big was the Serbian army during World War 1?
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Which army had the largest army during world war 1?


Is sarajevo serbian?

Sarajevo used to be Serbian, but after ethnic cleansing (during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina) it is not.

What was the best army ever?

the German army during world war 2

What was the process forcing people to join the army during World War I?

The process forcing people to join the army during World War 1 was called conscription

How many serbian died during World War 2?

Around 1.03 Million Serbians died during World War 2, This includes 450,000 Military Recorded Deaths and 553,000 Civilian Deaths. Serbians were located in Yugoslavia during World War 2.

What countyr led the red army during World War 2?

The army of Russia was called the red army during world war two. and the leader of Russia at the time was their dictator Joseph Stalin

What was the croatian war about?

It was a war between the Croatian people who defendet their country against the Yugoslav army (controlled by the Serbs) and the local Serbian paramilitary groups controlled by the Serbian govermment.

Who did Lawrence Tyson lead during World War 1?

Lawrence Tyson led the 2nd Infantry Division of the United States Army during World War I.

Who else beside Russia allied with Serbia in World War 1?

France and Great Britain allied with Serbian during World War 1. Serbia was the first country to be attacked in World War 1.

Why were the chechens deported in world war 2?

The deportation Chechens was during the Second World War, just after the Red Army reconquered territories occupied by the German army.

Could women enlist in the army during World War 1?

Not in the army, but as a nurse.

Who was in army during World War 1?

Soldiers make up any army.