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Sadam was doing the very same thing. That's one of the big reasons that he had to be taken out. Evil dictators must be stopped and we as a global community must stand up to them.

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2011-05-16 00:54:37
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Q: How can you prevent the Holocaust from happening again?
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How does the US Constitution prevent things like the holocaust from happening again?

The US constitution pre-dated the Holocaust by about 150 years, it did not prevent the Holocaust happening the first time. The Holocaust happened very far away from the USA, whether the US even had a constitution was totally irrelevant.

Why is the Holocaust widely taught in schools?

To educate kids about the horrors of war. To help prevent it from happening again.

What can the world do to prevent the holocaust from happening?

The world ended the Holocaust in 1945.

What can world leaders do to prevent the holocaust from happening again?

The Holocaust can never happen again. The establishment of the state of Israel has ensured that. However genocides, some arguably worse, continue to this day.

What were the US goals after World War 2?

To prevent anything like World War 2 or the holocaust from ever happening again.

How can you prevent events like the Holocaust from happening again?

The Holocaust is the work of some very evil people. Genocides still happen around the world but only large officials or groups of people can stop it. The events that took place in the Holocaust may never happen again but honestly no one knows. The best way to prevent things like the Holocaust is to learn from the past and not do it again in the future.

How does Elie Wiesel state that we can keep the holocaust from happening again?

Elie Wiesel, like everyone else who knows about the Holocaust, knows the only way to prevent it from happening again is by remembering. This can be as easy as not being a bystander, and just remembering how many people died. *note* Similar holocausts have happened since, such as Rwanda.

Why Does Magneto in X Men hate humans?

Much of it comes from his background as a Holocaust Survivor. He saw that the plight of the muntants bore many similarities to the Jews leading up the Holocaust as such he strove to prevent that from happening to his people again.

What can prevent the Black Death from happening again?


How do you prevent a tsunami happening again?

U can't

Why should kids learn about the Holocaust?

Children (and adults) need to learn about the Holocaust so that they can see what evil people can be led to do. Hopefully, with the proper lessons, the children will learn how to prevent a situation like the Holocaust from ever happening again. _______________ The Holocaust is considered one of the key events of the 20th century and is widely talked about.

How can the world prevent the soptember 11 bombngs from happening again?

They can not.

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