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Abraham Lincoln was able to lead the Civil war successfully by being able to; control the revolutionary forces unleashed by the Southern secession, maintain the democratic principles of the nation, and achieve a military victory.

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beleiving in what he said and didnt stop till he won

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Q: How did Abraham Lincoln Lead the civil war successfully?
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Who lead the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln

What did Abraham Lincoln lead people in?

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the USA during the Civil War.

Did Abraham Lincoln lead in the Civil War?

No he was president during the civil war

Who is the man who lead the civil war for the north?

Abraham Lincoln

Who lead the union of the Civil War?

The President was Abraham Lincoln, the general was Ulysses S. Grant. Lincoln was assassinated after the civil war.

Who lead the northern in the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln, the 16 president of the united states

What war did Abraham lead?

Abraham Linclon lead the Civil War.

Who lead the American Civil War?

President Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Union, and President Jefferson Davis was the leader of the Confederacy.

Why did Abraham Lincoln lead the country through the American Civil War?

Because he was the only availible leader to command the union

How did the results of the election of 1848 lead to the civil war?

southern plantation owners were angry because president Abraham Lincoln had promised to abolish slavery

When did Abraham Lincoln lead the Civil War?

He was President of the US, during the US Civil War and was leader of the North, and the Union. usa

Who lead the union in the battle of fort Sumter?

Abraham Lincoln