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The United States supported South Vietnam in the Vietnam War in an effort to combat communism. Other anti-capitalist countries joined the fold in order to support the effort.

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Q: How did America get involved in the Vietnam war?
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When did America get involved in Vietnam war?


Who was involved with the Vietnam war and who allied with America?


Why did America get involved with Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was the second "hot" battle of the cold war. The Korean War was the first "hot" battle.

What war was the US involved in from 1963 to 1975?

The Vietnam war. Or the Resistance War Against America.

Should America have gotten involved in the Vietnam war?

Yes, part of the cold war.

Which president got the US involved in the Vietnam War?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president that got America involved in the Vietnamese War.

Why did the us get involved in the vietnam war-?

The United States did get involved in the Vietnam war because of communism in Vietnam.

What did NATO do in Vietnam War?

Nato was not involved in the Vietnam War.

Were any countries involved with the Vietnam war?

The United states of America was involved with the Vietnam war. The USA interferred in the vietnam war trying to help the south. The result was america lost and let down South Vietnam, plus killing many vietnamese form south and north leaving them to rebuild while they call vietnamese veterans heros.

Was Britain involved in the Vietnam War?

Britain was NOT involved in the Vietnam War and NO troops were sent. Prime Minister Wilson gave verbal support to America, and that made him unpopular at the time. He was accused of grovelling servility ...

In what war did the Americans die the most?

The most Americans died in Vietnam which was also the longest war that America was involved in.

Who was at war with the UK in the the Vietnam war?

The UK was not involved in the Vietnam war - it was the USA!

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