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I know the answer but I wont tell u

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Q: How did Belgium help the allies?
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Did Belgium side with allies?


Which was the first country the allies arrive in?

Belgium and France.

Was Great Britain allies with France or belgium?

Yes Great Britain was an ally to France and Belgium.

Would you name Belgium's allies?

I think they are the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Are Belgium and Russia Allies?

I think Belgium have more to do with The Netherlands and Luxembourg (the BENELUX countries) but I also think that during World War 2 the whole of Europe became allies. Except for Germany and Italy of course.

Allies of Serbia during World War 1?

France belgium and Britain

Why were BritainFranceand Belgium allies?

Because all of them was threatened by Germany in (at least) two wars.

What was united kingdom's allies in world war1?

All of the British Empire, France and Belgium

Who were the Us main allies of world war 1?

The main allies in WW1 were Britten, France, Austria, Belgium, and Canada just to name a few.

Why did Belguim escape World War 2?

It didn't. The German Army overran Belgium very quickly to enter France and the Battle of the Bulge was fought in Belgium in the winter of 1944/45. Belgium did not escape being invaded in World War 2. They were overtaken by the Allies in 1940 as an occupying force. The country eventually declared itself to be siding with the Allies in the later portion of that year. Fort Eban was considered a significant holding point for advancing troops as they came into Belgium. Some 400 were killed and the fort surrendered when the reinforcements came under heavy air attack by Stuka dive bombers. Belgium was an early battleground where the allies soon found out that Germany was interested in fighting with more modern tactics than the allies had seen previously. General Rommel's tanks overtook Belgium faster than the Allies could even believe was possible.

Was Belgium a allies?

Belgium probably use to be our allies because long time ago the Americans were basically fighting against everybody who were not on their side because they were fighting over North America. That was during the civil war. I'm not a 100% positive.

Who attacked England to draw France into war?

No one, France and England were both allies of Belgium,and when Germany attacked Belgium,both France and England had to join