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The people in New York were affected because a lot of blacks came into the state once they were free. They slowly began to overpoulate them, and they ended up loosing their jobs because of the cheap labor the blacks provided. A lot of whites ended up dying from the blacks raping them. :(

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The outbreak of war led to draft riots in NYC. Wealthy New Yorkers could pay someone to take there place and therefore did not have to serve in the military, while the poor could not get out of their obligation. Cotton was a major commodity which passed through NY, some used to make garments in NYC, some shipped to mills in New England, and some shipped to Europe from the Port of NY. Additionally, the Reconstruction of the South after the war became a financial burden carried almost entirely by the South. So investors in NY who were tied to cotton or the transportation industry in the south found themselves facing sharply reduced profits and sometimes bankruptcy.

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Q: How did The Civil War affect New York?
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