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{| |- | New York was well north of the Mason Dixon Line. New York was a very populated state during the time of the Civil War. Many regiments were provided to the Union Army by the citizens of New York. There were those 'Copperheads' that were totally against the war against the South. |}

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It was a part of the Union.

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Q: Was New York a Confederate or Union State during the Civil War?
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Was Illinos a union or confederate state during the civil war?

A Union state.

Was Minnesota a Confederate or Union State during the Civil War?

Minnesota was a Union State during the Civil War.

Is Illinois a Union or a Confederate state?

Illinois was a Union state during the Civil War.

Was Wisconsin a confederate state or a union satate during the civil war?

it was part of union

Was mississippi a union state or a conferderate state during the civil war?

Mississippi was a Confederate State.

Is New York union or confederate?

During the Civil War New York was a Union state.

Was Maryland union or confederate during the civil war?

Union. Maryland was an Union Border state but this counted Union of course.

Was Maryland a union state or confederate state?

it didn't join the civil war. during the war slavery was still legal

What was the union during the US Civil War?

THE Union was the North during the Civil War.The south was the Confederate states

During the civil war was Abraham LIncoln on the union or confederate side?


Was confederate a state?

No. Kansas was a territory during the Civil War. It was under the Union. Kansas supplied 17 regiments totaling about 20,000 men during the Civil War to fight for the Union. About 3,000 Kansas men died for the Union.

Was Robert lee confederate or union?

he was general of confederate forces during the civil war