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1 magazines/ newspapers

2 conventions


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Q: How did abolitionists spread their word?
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Were some abolitionists racists?

no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists

What did the abolitionists do?

The abolitionists were people who were against slavery in the 1800's, and believed in the immediate end and abolishment of slavery in America. Abolitionists sought to pass laws preventing the spread of slavery. They helped Southern slaves escape to Canada, many using the organized network of the Underground Railroad. Some abolitionists just helped slaves tell their story. In 1860, the election of pro-abolition congressmen led to the secession of the Southern slave states to form the Confederacy, leading to the Civil War.

Were abolitionists union or confederacy?

Union - though most Unionists were never Abolitionists

Where did abolitionists live?

Abolitionists lived along the Underground Railroad so they could assist slaves on the run by giving a safe place to spend the night. Other abolitionists lived in big cities to inform slaves about the underground railroad.

Who were three significant black abolitionists prior to and during the Civil War?

As the Abolitionist movement spread, many prominent members came to public attention. Freedman of color, David Walker, published 'An Appeal To The Colored Citizens of the World in 1829' pushing abolitionists to political militancy. Frederick Douglass, a former slave and the most famous black man among abolitionists, published the anti-slavery paper 'The North Star' . Sojourner Truth, a black woman made the famous speech 'AinÃ?t I a Woman?' and published 'The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: Northern Slave'.

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Which was NOT a way the abolitionists spread their word?


What part was formed to fight the spread of slavery?

the abolitionists

Were Free-soilers the same as abolitionists?

No, they were not. Free-Soilers wanted to stop the spread of slavery, while abolitionists wanted to abolish it alltogether.

Who founded a newspaper in 1815 to spread the abolitionists messages?

Benjamin Lundy

People who opposed the spread of slavery new states were called?


When People who opposed the spread of slavery to new states were often called?


What group who feared the spread of slavery opposed the Mexican American war?


How can the word abolish be used?

Abolitionists wanted to abolish slavery.

Why was publishing important to abolitionists?

Publishing was important to abolitionists because it allowed them to spread their message to a wider audience, educate the public about the horrors of slavery, and garner support for the abolitionist cause. Through pamphlets, newspapers, books, and speeches, abolitionists were able to reach people across different geographical locations and influence public opinion.

Where free soilers abolitionists?

The Free Soilers were a political party founded in 1848 that opposed the expansion of slavery into new territories. They were not necessarily abolitionists, as their primary goal was to prevent the spread of slavery rather than advocate for its immediate end. Abolitionists, on the other hand, were individuals and groups who sought the immediate emancipation and abolition of slavery.

How many syllables are in the word spread?

The word 'Spreading' has two syllables (Spread-ing).

Who were the abolitionists how did they spread the message?

Small minarity of Americans who Advocated immediate emancipation of slaves and equal rights for Africans. Lecturing and moral persuasion.