How did albert speer die?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Cerebral hemorrhage

Yes, but it should also be added that his death occurred in London with his young English mistress present. Gitta Serny in her exhaustive bio on Speer mentions that he admitted this affair to her and that she thought he was a different man - happy, carefree - compared to the man she had been interviewing over the years. She chalked up the affair as a good thing - a freeing of his constrained psyche, if you will.

I mention this because the fact is usually glossed over and I think its very relevant if you read anything about Speer. This behavior was a huge break with his former way of life and almost leads one to believe we may have learned a lot more about his true knowledge during the Nazi era had he lived longer.
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Albert Speer died of natural causes at the age of 76 while he was on a visit to London, England.


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Q: How did albert speer die?
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Where did Albert speer live?

Albert Speer lived in Mannheim, Germany. Albert Speer was an architect and Minister of Armaments and War Production for Nazi Germany.

Who was the Reich Minister for Armaments and Production from 1942 to 1945?

Albert Speer was he took over from Fritz Todt when he died in a plane crash.

What is the name of the war strategy in which the army burns and destroy everything?

It is commonly called a "scorched earth" policy. Hitler ordered Albert Speer to institute a scorched earth policy near the end of the war. Without telling Hitler, Speer ignored the command (he revealed this to Hitler only a few days before Hitler committed suicide). Speer's refusal to, literally, "burn Germany to the ground" is part of why when he was tried at Nuremberg, he got 20 years instead of life or execution.

Who was albert speer's mistress?

The mysterious mistress in whose company Speer died suddenly during a visit to London in 1981, was supposedly a married "English-German" woman, according to a reliable biography of Speer on YouTube. Speer admitted to his wife that he was having that illicit affair according to the same biography on YouTube. It is incredible to note that great care has been taken to hide the name and identity of that mistress, such as who she was married to, how she met Speer, and anything else about her background, history and professional life. Is it part of a "cover-up"? If so, who is responsible and why? It is more than 30 years since Speer died while in bed with her in England (a country that he and the Nazis bombed mercilessly with bombs and rockets and tried to annihilate the British during WWII). There must certainly be police and investigative reports as to her identity and role, and by now such information deserves to become public. Why should such a woman be "deserving" of ongoing anonymity if she was involved with a former top-rank Nazi like Speer who was one of Hitler's closest confidants and who served as Munitions Minister of the Third Reich, since Speer ran, guided and fueled the Nazi war machine and war effort for years.

Was Ben Speer from the world famous Speer Family ever married?

Yes he was. His son Steven played the drums on a GOSPEL JUBILEE program for the Speers, I saw the program