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Civil War technology was video, pictures, letters and articles. Earlier military technology did not have video and only depended on letter and pictures.

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In one word: Steam. In the Civil War they had it. In the Revolutionary War they did not. Factories in the Civil War could produce much larger amounts of war materiel than was handcrafted in the Revolutionary War, although the quality was cheaper. The locomotive train and the telegraph improved transportation and communication. Stronger metals meant higher pressure for cannons with more range and power, and rifling and breachloading artillery were in use during the Civil War. In the Revolutionary War they used flintlock muskets, and in the Civil War they used percussion rifles. * Many of the Civil War innovations were based on science which was known during the Revolutionary War, but almost a century went by before the technology caught up to the science. By the Civil War, military technology had become lighter, faster, cheaper, and more efficient.....just like civilian technology.

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Q: How did civil war technology differ from earlier military technology?
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How did Truman and Eisenhower differ regarding civil rights?

Truman did not believe in racial separation in the military. Eisenhower did.

Name two advances in military technology that were used in the civil war?

Ironclad warships and Rifle

When did Hitler and Mussolini test some of test some of their new military technology?

the spanish civil war

What were the types of military technology introduced in the civil war?

Penises and AA12's were Introduced 1 year into the Civil war which lasted 8 years.

What was the influence of the Civil War on technology in the clothing industry?

Military demand stimulated improvements in technology, including development of better cutting machines, pressers, and buttonholers.

Which describes the effect of new military technology on the Civil War?

i need help its chapter 15 social studies :(

How did the development of new military technology affect the civil war?

the artillery was more accurate. The shotgun shot more efficiently, it was earlier and faster to reload, and had a better accuracy, shells and canisters could explode things faster and from a farther distance than other explosives.

How did the early views of Malcom X differ from his later ideas?

earlier, her was part of the nation of Islam where he promoted violence to support civil rights, but he left and converted to the ways of the SNCC where he promoted nonviolence to support civil rights.

Many of the earlier appointed Union generals were what?

At the beginning of the US Civil War, President Lincoln appointed generals for political reasons, not based on military experience.

Does the army still enlist drummerboys?

They enlist musicians for military bands, but the Civil War (and earlier) era drummer boys marching in front of the regiment is a thing of the past.

What strategic military advantages or drawbacks did each side have in terms of technology and military strength in the Civil War?

the union had man power and an advance industry whereas the south did not have a large man power nor industry.................

What changes in military technology might have surprised new recruits in the civil war?

Repeating rifles, bored artillery, sometimes torpedos or grenades. Ballon observation,