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The communist Vietnamese controlled parts of South East Asia through direct application of military force. They used insurgency tactics to undermine Laos and the Khmer Rouge took over in a military rebellion. The communists from the north murdered over 300,000 people and cause nearly a million to flee South Vietnam as boat people. The Khmer Rouge killed 3 million people to gain control. The communist Vietnamese then attacked the Khmer rouge and gained control of that country.

It should be known that the communist killed more people after the war during the peace forged by the American Democratic Party than all the soldiers that died in the war. Most of the Viet Gong (southern communist working for the north) that survived the war was killed by the north after it. Just a Stalin killed most of the partisans that fought the Nazi behind the line. The socialist philosophy is that if you are disloyal to your country even if helps them then the communist will kill you.

It also might be noted here that in the 15 years of the Vietnam war 1960-1975, the northern communist won only the battle in Saigon in 1975. And only after the DNC in Congress cut their gas and ammunition.

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Q: How did communist vietnam dominate parts of southeast asia after the vietnam war?
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Were there major impacts on countries after Korean War?

In other parts of Southeast Asia there was communist related violence: Maylasia, Indo-China (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam).

List three political systems in southeast Asia?

Parts of Southeast Asia have a Communist government. Parts have a democratic government. Some have a constitutional monarchy.

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List three nations during the cold war that were divided into communist and noncommunist parts?

Three nations divided into communist and non-communist were Germany, Korea and Vietnam(until it became completely communist)

Which parts of southeast Asia came under french rule in the 1800s?

Modern day Vietnam and Laos

What is the dominate climate of southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia mainly has a hot and humid tropical climate throughout the year and a large amount of rainfall. The only major region in this area with a subtropical climate is Northern Vietnam which is cold in the winter. The only other smaller areas that fall outside this dominant climate are the mountainous northern region, which has a milder, drier climate and certain parts of the region that are deserts.

What country was once split into communist and democratic parts but is now reunited?

It is Germany,Germany was split but is now reunited

Which countries did France control colonially in southeast Asia?

French Indochina was composed of what is now Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, as well as parts of Thailand.

What were the casues of the Vietnam war?

When the French left Vietnam, the country was divided in to two parts, north Vietnam which was under communist control, and south Vietnam that was officially democratic, but was actually in practice a totalitarian state. The Norht Vietnamese beleived that the south was a colony of foreign powers and wanted to unite Vietnam into one country, under communist rule. South Vietnam and the United States wanted to prevent the communists from taking over south Vietnam. The war was started by south vietnamese rebels who were opposed to the corruption of the south vietnamese regime. North Vietnam supported these rebels who were commonly known as the Viet Cong. The United States supported South Vietnam in spite of its corrupt government in the belief that it was better to have a corrupt government in south Vietnam than a communist government.

What was life like after the Vietnam war?

it was all different in different parts, some were bad for the soldiers, and some were good for them. most lives for soldiers were bad

Why did the Vietnam War start and why were there two parts of Vietnam with 2 different governments?

To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the free Republic of South Vietnam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First yes there were two governments in Vietnam at the time. North Vietnam was a communist state and South Vietnam was democratic. Our involvement started when the french left Vietnam in the late 1950's. The south vietnamese asked the American government for help to train their soldiers to defend against the vietcong invasion. We sent over advisors and the north vietnamese started attacking the advisors so we sent troops over to help protect the advisors. It wasnt until the mid 1960's that we reached a full involvement in southeast asia. That point the idea was to patrol the jungles and so forth to continue helping to protect the south vietnamese and advisors we had training the ARVN (army of the republic of vietnam). Also another reason for our increased involvement was something called the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. The north vietnamese sank one of our smaller ships (a frigate i believe) so we increased troop strengh.

Is Vietnam poor?

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