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Where Military Science is concerned, geography and topography always plays a role in strategic and tactical planning and execution. Because of the North's resources, it could afford the slow strangulation of the South reflected in Scott's Anaconda Plan. It had the added virtue of allowing the seceding states to reverse their decisions. The Anaconda Plan blockaded the Southern seaports and sought to capture the Mississippi, obvious geographical features. Grant took advantage of the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers in his early campaigns, but commanders also took advantage of railroads which, themselves, took advantage of surveyed geographical features. The South used geographical features for local defense, but really had no Grand Strategic Plan to coordinate the efforts of the various armies, placing most of its emphasis on the defense of Northern Virginia, by default.

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During the American Civil War, geography affected the South in a significant way. First, its many miles of open coastline were both a strength and a weakness for the war effort, as these enabled blockade-runners to bring in much-needed supplies while also exposing the South to invasion by northern naval forces. Second, its interior lines of communication and supply (nestled safely between the Mississippi River, the mountains of Tennessee and other states, and the eastern coast) provided a tremendous advantage, as one sector of the fighting could quickly be reinforced in times of emergency.

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The South was mostly a suburban region so the West was able to stop goods from coming from and reaching the South's ports which made the South struggle economically. they all died

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Q: How did geography effect the south in the civil war?
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