How did hermann van pels die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was the only member of the eight occupants hiding in the Secret Annex to be gassed to death. Hermann was put in a gas chamber when he injured his thumb and is unable to do any of the hard labor he was assigned to.

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Q: How did hermann van pels die?
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Where was Hermann Van Pels born?

Hermann van Pels was born on March 31, 1898, in Gehrde, Germany.

What was Mrs Van dan's first name?

Mr. van Dann: Hermann van Pels and Mrs. van Daan: Auguste van Pels

What was the real name of the father of that family van pels?


Who was in hiding with Anne Frank?

Margot Frank, Edith Frank-Hollander, Otto Frank, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer.

What are the names of Peter van Daans parents?

Hermann and Auguste Van Pel not van dan Anne frank only used van dan to cover his identity

Who is peter van pels'es dad?

Peter Van Pels was a boy who lived in "the secret annex" with Anne Frank and her family. Van Pels' father was Hermann Van Pels. He worked with Anne's father, so that was why the Franks' brought the Van Pels with them into their hiding place.

What was hermann Van Pels wife named?

Hermann Van Pels' wife was named Auguste Van Pels, though she is more commonly known as Mrs. Van Pels in historical accounts. She, along with her husband and son, were Jewish refugees who went into hiding with Anne Frank's family during World War II.

When was Mr Van Pels born?

Hermann van Pels was born on 31 March 1898 and died October 1944

Who was with Anne Frank when she was captured?

Anne Frank was captured along with her family members, including her sister Margot, her parents Edith and Otto Frank, and four other people who were hiding in the secret annex: Hermann and Auguste van Pels, their son Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer.

Who was hidding with Anne Frank?

Otto Frank(dad), Edith Frank (mum), Margot Frank (sister), Peter van Pels, Hermann van Pels (peters dad),Auguste van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer .

Who were the people that went into hiding in the secret annex?

Annelise (Anne) Frank Margot Frank Otto Frank Edith Frank Auguste Van Pels Hermann Van Pels Peter Van Pels Fritz Pfeffer

Who stayed in the secret annex?

Otto Frank, Margot Frank, Anne Frank, Edith Frank, Albert Dussel, Peter Van Pels Hermann Van Pels and Auguste Van Pels. All names are spelled correctly.