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The most interesting is the location it was held. The home was owned by Wilmer McLean. He had moved there in 1861 from his home near the site of the First Battle of Bull Run. He had seen that battle fought on his front lawn and wanted to move away from the battles and avoid involvement with the war!

Grant remembered meeting Lee during the Mexican American War, but Lee was unable to remember a single detail about him.

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He surrendered at apomattox courthouse. He realized they couldn't win and had sex with a donkey.

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Q: How did lee surrender in the civil war?
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When did lee surrender in Civil War?

Lee surrendered in the civil war to Abraham lincolns hourse in china

Where did lee surrender in civil war?

Appomattox Court House, Virginia

Who did Robert E. Lee surrender to in the civil war?

Ulysses s grant.

Who Surrender during the Civil War?

General Robert E. Lee

Who surrender to who in the civil war?

In the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.

Who were the leading generals at the civil war surrender signing?

Grant for the North, Lee for the South

Why was the surrender of Robert E. Lee important?

It essentially brought the Civil War to an end.

Who won victory at Vicksburg that forced gen lee to surrender and won the civil war?

Ulysses S. Grant won the battle at Vicksburg making Lee surrender

Whose surrender in appomatoxVirginea ended the civil war?

Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Did Abraham Lincoln get killed days after the civil war?

Approx 5 days after Lee's surrender.

In the civil war who did general lee surrender to?

He surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.

What northern general did Robert e lee surrender to at the end of the civil war?

General Grant