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People boycotted because of taxes and lay firms and so the colonist didn't like that so the colonist just stopped buying British goods.

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they were shot, beaten, and thrown in jail

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Q: How did people get hurt during the boycott?
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Why did the bus company lose money during the boycott?

they dont like the boycott

Why would boycott hurt English merchants?

because they were unsteady and needed the sales

How would boycott be in a sentence?

The people put a boycott on tea. boycott - a refusal in buying goods from someone

How many boycott's were constructed during the 1950's and what boycott's were they and how did segregation affect the boycott's?

there was over 600,000,000 jailed for life ( only blacks )

How did Napoleon attempt to hurt Great Britain?

He attempted to Boycott UK goods from the Continent.

Why were the white people so angry at the black people during the bus boycott?

The bus boycott showed that black people could wield power which was one of the thing racists feared the most. One of the purposes of segregation was to ensure that black Americans did not have equal access to power.

How did the colonist show their opposition to the tea act?

The colonial boycott of tea seriously hurt the company!

What is the definition of boycott and who invented it?

A boycott is a riot to oppose something and when king George taxed the colonists they were believe to be the 1st people to boycott

How can a boycott hurt a business?

Economic boycotts, if there are enough countries that join it, can greatly diminish a countryâ??s economy by limiting itâ??s exports. Depending upon the amount of exports that make up their GDP, this form of boycott can be economically devastating.

How did Boston colonists show their opposition to the Tea Acts?

The colonial boycott of tea seriously hurt the company!

Can you give 5 examples of the word boycott in a sentence?

The group encouraged their members to boycott certain foods. The movie boycott was successful. A boycott may or may not have the desired results. If enough people boycott the company, it will change it's ways. The boycott will take place until they get the results they want.

What happen to dr.king and his family during the boycott?

He had a sik baby