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The Holocaust was not widely taught in schools till after 1980 and it was certainly not taught in the immediate postwar period. From the end of World War 2 till the late 1960s the Holocaust was something of a non-subject apart from media reports on Holocaust trials.

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Q: How did teachers handle the topic of the holocaust after the end of the war?
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What has been done to support the Holocaust denial?

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

How was the holocaust the end of modernity?

You could argue that the Holocaust was the start of the modernity.

How did the Holocaust end and did the UN intervene to assist?

The UN did not exist at the time. For the rest of the answer see the related question: How did the Holocaust end?

What is the turning point in history for the hidden children in the holocaust?

no doubt, the end of the Holocaust.

What season did Holocaust end?

The Holocaust ended May 8, 1945 which is around spring.

What place did the holocaust end?

It did not end any place. When the camps and territories were liberated, the Holocaust ended there, when Germany surrendered it ended in the last places.

What were the circumstances surrounding the end of the Holocaust?

The defeat and unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany in May 1945: there were no mysterious circumstances surrounding the end of the Holocaust.

When did America's Black Holocaust Museum end?

America's Black Holocaust Museum ended in 2008.

When did Holocaust - TV miniseries - end?

Holocaust - TV miniseries - ended on 1978-04-19.

What finally put an end to the Holocaust?

The end of the second world war.

When did the Holocaust began and end?


When did the holocaust memorial and museum end?

it is still there.