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Following World War II, the United States adopted a policy of containment, regarding the spread of Communism. The purpose was to stop communism from spreading into areas tin which it did not already exist. The Republic of Korea, South Korea, had been set up by the US in the southern portion of the Japanese colony called Chosen. The US under President Truman had stationed an American fleet in Korean waters, as part of the Cold War strategy of showing force as an attempt to prevent the spread of Communism. The Cold War was an ideological conflict between the democracies and the Communist nations that fell just short of military action. However, at times, like in Korea, the Cold War turned

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The Cold War's first showdown was in the Korean War. Communist forces in North Korea wanted to overtake the entire country. South Korea was free and democratic. The United Nations forces, led by the United States, fought off North Korean, Chinese, and Russian troops to keep South Korea free.

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The people of Korea experienced the first violence between communism and the free world, during the Korean War.

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Both were fought to check communist expansion.

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Q: How did the Cold War affected people in Korea?
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What other areas in the world were affected by the us and the soviet union rivalry during cold war?

Some other areas that were affected by the Cold War are North and South Korea, Vietnam, Latin America and Afghanistan.

In what way did the growing conflict in Korea symbolize the overall Cold War?

The growing conflict in Korea was a microcosm of the overall Cold War as there was no direct armed conflict.

What lengthy American war in southeast Asia is a time when the cold war became hot?

The cold war didn't go hot; if it did, it would've been called World War III. Therefore, there were two hot "battles" of the cold war; Korea and Vietnam. But Korea is not located in SEA (South East Asia); Korea is up the coast bordering Russia/China. Some people sometimes call them "hot wars" of the cold war. Korea & Vietnam were the "shooting portions" of the cold war.

Who was most affected by the Korean War?


How did people involved with spies in the cold war get affected?

they were effected by the death of spies

What were some battles of the cold war?

None, the cold war wasn't a war. However...Korea & Vietnam can be considered two "battles" of the cold war; since Korea/VN were "hot" (shooting & killing) wars during the cold war. The cold war was about communism vs free world. Korea/VN were both fought between communists and the free world.

Why was Korea a cold war hot spot?

Korea was the first hot spot of the cold war. What began as a civil war became the cold war when the US and its allies united under the flag of the United Nations and backed South Korea while the Soviet Union and China supported North Korea.

How did the Cold War shape East Asia?

There were two manor conflicts in East Asia which were part of the Cold War, those being the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Korea remains divided into North and South Korea to this day, but Vietnam became a unified communist nation (and remains one of the last communist nations on Earth). Other than that, various Cold War alliances affected all the politics of the region.

How was hungry affected by cold war?

people typically get more hungry during the winter. especially in times of war.

How did Korea become a post WWII cold war issue between the us and the soviet union?

At Yalta, the US asked the USSR to declare war on Japan. Russia wanted Korea as its reward. Instead Korea was divided in half, the People's Republic of North Korea and the Republic of South Korea. In 1950, Communist North Korea invaded the South.

How did the cold war affect ordinary people in South Korea during the Korean War?

The Korean War started as a result from the cold war. The Korean War was one of the first armed conflicts of the Capitalism v. Communism "cold war". How did the actual cold war affect South Koreans? Very little, however, the actual Korean War affected them greatly. The US essentially destroyed all of North Korea thanks to explosives and napalm. Meanwhile, down south, the US managed to destroy all of that country as well. The murders, rapes, and bombing of the US (yes, America bombed, quite often, South Korea) mixed with the attacking North Koreans and Chinese killed millions of South Koreans.

Cold war was between?

us and Korea