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While they were still living in ghettos, some Jews conceived children ... but the bithrate fell.

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Q: How did the Jewish people have children during persecution?
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Why was there persecution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust?

it was one of the principles of Nazism.

Who left Russia to escape religious persecution?

The Jewish people

Were the Jewish people persecuted during the holocaust because of their belief in god?

The Nazi persecution of the Jews had almost nothing to do with religion. It was about 'race' and 'the Jewish spirit' (whatever that is).

What clubs did Jewish children go to during WW2?

jewish children didnt have any clubs to go to during world war 2 because they were isolated because they were not seen as people or they were in hiding so they were not killed by germans

What is the yellow star in the book Night?

The yellow star in the book "Night" symbolizes the forced identification and segregation of Jewish people during the Holocaust. It represented the dehumanization and persecution of Jewish individuals by the Nazis.

Which is the most persecuted Christian denomination?

Roman Catholics--- taking in account of the persecutions of Rome- the Protestant reformation (wars that followed) persecution during England's reformation. The persecution in early America- cristero war in Mexico- the holocaust of Germany - (second to the Jewish people-

What were the reasons Hitler gave for the persecution of Jewish people?

He thought they were related to rats and his mother died of a disease and blamed it on the Nurse because she was Jewish.

How AnneFrank's family tried to escape Hitler's persecution of Jewish people?

First they tried to flee, then they tried to hide.

Why did the Jewish people came to America?

They came to America because of persecution, discrimination, and economic problems they faced in Russia.

Why did Hilter prosecute jews?

Hitler believed that people of the Jewish faith were dangerous to his rule. His persecution of the them was widespread and devastating.

Who were Hebrew children?

They were the children of the Hebrew people. Today they are called "Jewish children"

Why did the Jewish people have to go into hiding during World War 2?

The reason that some Jewish people went into hiding was to stay away from being sent to an unfair death in a concentration camp, also they went into hiding for their children, some Jewish families were not able to hide everyone so they hid their children. Some Jewish children were sent to live with non-Jewish relatives, or maybe even a non-Jewish friend. These cautions may have saved Jews their life