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politically strong and prosperous

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Q: How did the US emerge from World War 1?
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Did a winner emerge from World War 1?


How did Germany emerge from defeat at the end of World War 1?


Why did US emerge from World War 1 in a stronger economic condition than European nations?

The US emerged from World War I in a stronger economic condition than European nations because the war wasn't fought on US soil so we didn't have to rebuild and we entered the war late so we had fewer casualties.

Around which body of water did the greatest number of new countries emerge after world war 1?

baltic sea

How were the dictators able to emerge between World War I and 2?

World War 1 made the people so depressed, that they would follow anyone who would try to lead them.

When did the US emerge as a world power in world war 1?

The United States emerged as a world power during World War I in 1917 when it entered the conflict on the side of the Allies. Its contributions, both economically and militarily, played a crucial role in tipping the balance in favor of the Allies and shaping the outcomes of the war.

How did World War 1 afect the US?

world war one affect the us they had get a alot of money

Who had fought the US in World War I?

Germany fought the us in world war 1

Who did the US help in World War I?

The US helped France in world war 1 with submarines in the Atlantic.

What impacts did World War 1 have on the US economy?

in a world war 1 on the us ecompny all the american are died and and war is started 1941 to 1954 the american is won the war by us economy

An enemy of the US in World War 1 and World War 2?


Who was on the US side in World War 1 but not in World War 2?