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He scolded the men

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he scolded the men

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Q: How did the colonel of the 304th regiment react to the general's order to Hold em back?
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What did generals McClellan Burnside and Hooker have in common?

Union generals McClellan, Burnside and Hooker were all graduates of West Point and all of them had been appointed by President Lincoln to lead the Army of the Potomac. Each of them had also been relieved of being commander of that same army. In order there was 1. McClellan 2. Burnside and 3. Hooker.

Who was a famous general in the Vietnam War?

Giap was the NVAs most well known general; US commanders Harkins, Westmoreland, and Abrams were the most well known US generals. There were HUNDREDS of US generals in the war, at least 12 of them (counting one admiral) were killed in Vietnam. USAF generals flew combat missions over North Vietnam (actor & USAF Reserve General James Stewart was one of them). Stewart had flown B24 Liberator missions over Germany in WWII.

Is a Major in the Air Force a higher rank than a Lt. Colonel?

no Lt. Colonel is higher Air Force Ranks: 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt, Major, Lt Col, Col, Brig. Gen., Lt. Gen., Maj. Gen., General, then General of the air force ( which is like a 5 star general and normally only during time of war there will be one Dear Mr. William Galloway, With due respect to you, Mr. Galloway, I think Lt. General is one rank higher than Maj. General. In the order that you have mentioned the ranks in your posting, it appears that it is the other way. As far as my knowledge is concerned, a major general carries two stars while a lieutenant general carries three, a full pledge general, four. A brigadier general one. You are right on five-star general. As you surely know, among five-star generals were Gen. Omar Bradley, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Pres. Dwight Eisenhower, to name just three.

Who was the commander of southern troops in the civil war?

The Generals-in-Chief were, in order: Winfield Scott George McLellan (Interregnum - notionally Abraham Lincoln) Henry Halleck Ulysses S. Grant

German general who was demoted to private?

Colonel General Erich Hoepner was stripped of his pension and demoted to Private by Hitler for defying his no retreat from Moscow order. Hoepner appealed to the Military courts and had his pension restored and retired. Always an active conspirator against Hitler, his was put on trial after the 1944 attempt on Hitler and was hanged.

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How did the colonel of the 304th regiment react to the generals order to hold em back red badge of courage?

In "The Red Badge of Courage," the colonel of the 304th regiment reacted with indignation and frustration to the general's order to hold his men back. He felt like his regiment was being unfairly treated and denied the chance to prove themselves in battle. Ultimately, he reluctantly followed the general's orders, although he was not happy about it.

What did the colonel of the 30th regiment react to the gernrals order to hold em back?

He scolded the men

What does 1st Battalion mean?

Usually refers to a battalion's order within a regiment. If a regiment has four battalions which are either in that regiment, or else affiliated with that regiment, then they'll be numbered, first battalion, second battalion, third battalion, fourth battalion..

What is higher in rank a major or a colonel?

A Major is an Commissioned Officer is the military where as a Sergeant is an Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). So yes a Major is higher in rank than a Sergeant.

What is a word that means generals command?

A single word would be 'order'.

How many generals were appointed by US President Lincoln in 1861?

As the US Civil War unfolded, the US army was small and did not have many generals. In order to command all the Union recruits, new generals had to be appointed. In 1861, Lincoln appointed one hundred and twenty six generals.

Who fired at a British officer in order to inspire his regiment into an open revolt at the Barrackpore cantonment at Meerut?

Mangal pandey

What was the costly military hobby Frederick William the First of Prussia develop in order to improve the prestige of Prussian Army?

He hired the tallest men he could find throughout all Europe, in order to set up a special regiment of infantry to increase the prestige of Prussian Army. The regiment was nicknamed the Potsdam Giants.

Colonel lieutenant corporal general private sergeant major captain in order their ranks?

From highest to lowest:GeneralColonelMajorCaptainLieutenantSergeantCorporalPrivate

What are the 6 union generals in order during the civil war?

mcdowell Mclellan Burnside Hooker Meade Grant

Which is higher rank in US ARMYColonel vs major rank?

It depends which country and branch of service one is speaking of. The American military does not have the rank of Major-Colonel, the ranks of Major, Lt. Colonel and Colonel all out rank a Captain, unless the Captain is Navy or Coast Guard, then he would be equal in rank to the Colonel. In US Military, in all but the Navy, the order of these three ranks from lowest to highest is: * Captain * Major * Lieutentant Colonel * Colonel A Captiain in the Navy is the equivalent in rank of a Colonel in the Army, USAF or USMC

Who was the general who led confederate us army in civil?

At the time there were several generals who led various parts of the confederate army during the civil war. In the case of battles where multiple generals were on the field, each general would still be in charge of their component part of the army but would take orders from someone who was appointed as the head general. A couple of generals who would be considered to be head generals would be Jackson and Lee. General Lee was the confederate general in charge at the Battle of Gettysburg even though there were another half dozen generals also there. After battles such as this, the Americans started to bring in a system where generals could outrank other generals in the field. This eventually became the basis for the 5 star rankings of generals where only one 5 star general would be posted in the field of battle in order to stop confusion between like starred generals.