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The atom bomb caused the cold war.

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Q: How did the end world war two caused the cold war?
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How has the end of the cold war reshaped global politics?

It was the end of two superpowers, leaving the US as the sole superpower of the world It was the end of two superpowers, leaving the US as the sole superpower of the world

What was the Cold War what caused the Cold War and why was it Cold?

Cold war was a war of threats, politics between democratic west and communist east. It was caused by the end of WWII with the emergence of two super powers America and the USSR, and their opposing ideologies. It was called a cold war because there were no occasions of direct armed conflict between the super powers.

What caused the world war to happen?

World War 1 was caused by two terrorists. World War 2 was caused by some Fanatics.

Why did the end of World War 2 lead to the cold war?

The end of world war two lead to the start of the cold war because Russia (USSR) wanted to invade other countries in the east and was creating nuclear weapons which were being aimed at America (USA).

What two policies signal the beginning of the end of the cold war?

When lesbians ruled the world and had crazy orgys all day err'day.

Tension between which two blocs caused the Cold War?

Eastern and Western

Will smallpox vaccine help with cold sores?

No, they are caused by two different viruses.

Will the world end in two years?

No one knows when the world will end.

What are two illnesses in humans caused by viruses?

Common Cold and Polio not to mention HIV/AIDS

Which country dropped the atomic bomb in the cold war?

No nation dropped an atomic weapon during the cold war. The cold war is not the same as World War 2. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan by the US at the end of World War 2. The cold war is called 'cold' because it was not an actual armed conflict. It was a period marked by a conflict of ideologies, propaganda and fear.

What are two different deserts that exist in the world?

The two classifications of deserts are hot and cold.

Who was the president during the cold war?

Harry TrumanThere were several presidents during the Cold War. The Cold War lasted from the end of World War Two until 1989, when the Berlin wall came down. So the answer is every president between 1945 to 1989.

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