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Ha ha nice try. Now go do your homework like a good little boy.

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because many citizens in South Vietnam were against the Diem regime.

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Q: How did the us support of the diem government involve a conflict of values?
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Values inconsistency occurs when a person's values or beliefs are contradictory or incompatible with each other. This can lead to internal conflict and confusion. Resolving values inconsistency may involve reflecting on one's priorities and core beliefs in order to find a harmonious balance. Engaging in open communication and seeking guidance from a trusted individual or therapist can also help navigate through values conflicts and reach a resolution.

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Why did the US stop recognizing the Assad government in Syria?

The United States supported and continues to support the values that led to the original Arab Spring Protests in Syria. These values included campaigning for more democracy, developing economic self-sufficiency and equality, freedom to criticize the government, unified Syrian citizenship (as opposed to ethnic and religious loyalties), and transparent government. After a few weeks, the regime decided to open fire on the protesters, thus leading to open conflict. The US broke off relations with the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad when it became clear that Assad was repeatedly targeting Syrian civilians and was not interested in reconciling with them. Rather than support such an oppressive regimes, the US chose to oppose the Syrian government rather than support it.

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