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Yes it is the hardest stage as there is no luck, all skill, the canyons show up the lack of control on this game. The main reason people struggle on this level is because you twist controller past 90 degree when banking and the plane starts to level out (unless you use the other setting for steering which makes me nauseous). This levelling happens when you are really trying to bank, which is the worst time. Practice twisting wiimote 90, not 91 to get maximum banking right I made a complete PAL save of this game on "wiisave" if you want to get past this It took some time, do not to use the plane they suggest, go for the best, spitfire V from memory at that point in game, so you can speed up on the straights and gain precious seconds to slow on corners. There are some really tight corners, 90 degree banking is critical, but remember to line up these corners ahead of time by going wide, braking and turning early. Other than than allocate a few hours so that you don't have to go to bed since you cannot save after each gruelling canyon run.

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Q: How do you pass top secret in Blazing Angels squadrons of World War 2?
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