How does a bazooka work?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The bazooka is not special in itself, it is that rocket it fires that is special. inside the rocket there is a cone, and inside that cone is some superheated copper, when the rocket hits the vehicle the cone snaps inside-out shooting a spray of superheated copper through the armour of the vehicle, it is generally used to create a hole in the vehicle, not destroy it.

Air is sucked out of the bazooka and there is a seal at the end where the ammunition is fired. Then when you fire the weapon the seal at the end is released and the cone or whatever the ammunition is used flies through the air hitting the target aimed at.

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A bakooka resembles a length of pipe with a few attachments. The 2.36 inch bazooka was skinnier and had wooden shoulder rest and handles. The improved 3.5 inch bazooka was fatter and had metal furniture in place of the wood. Several World War 2 movies have used the 3.5 inch bazooka in place of the 2.36 inch bazooka, but in reality the 3.5 inch bazooka was not developed until after the war.

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Q: How does a bazooka work?
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