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better question: Where can you NOT buy bazooka bubble gum

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Q: Where can i buy bazooka buble gum?
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When was the bazooka used?

the bazooka was used in the world war two

How is US affected by the World War 2 bazooka?

the bazooka seved as a anti tank weapon also used to take out fortress in the moutins of Germany also the waere no easy to come by and the fact are stiil not determend were the exact location were the bazooka was made

How does a bazooka work?

The bazooka is not special in itself, it is that rocket it fires that is special. inside the rocket there is a cone, and inside that cone is some superheated copper, when the rocket hits the vehicle the cone snaps inside-out shooting a spray of superheated copper through the armour of the vehicle, it is generally used to create a hole in the vehicle, not destroy it. Air is sucked out of the bazooka and there is a seal at the end where the ammunition is fired. Then when you fire the weapon the seal at the end is released and the cone or whatever the ammunition is used flies through the air hitting the target aimed at.

How many people were killed by the bazooka in World War 2?

They did not keep count of how many people were killed by the bazooka in World War 2. They don't have that luxury during battles to do that type of counting.

When was bazooka invented?

Weapons engineers working for the U.S. Army, invented the Bazooka anti-tank weapon. The Bazooka is not a gun. It is an antitank rocket launcher. Basically, it is a glorified tube that shoots a grenade. The M1 bazooka was invented in the early 1900s by Dr. Robert H. Goddard. It was demonstrated to the Army in 1918, but the end of the war stopped its development. In 1940, an Army Lieutenant suggested the M10 shaped charge grenade should be added to the M1 bazooka. This was done, and by 1942 the first M1, now called the M1A1, was operational. It was improved until the end of WWII.

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Who makes Bazooka Bubble Gum?

Topps Company makes Bazooka Bubble Gum

What can I win with Bazooka Bubble gum wrappers?

an effin bazooka

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Buble gum costs 5 cents how many pieces can ali buy for 2.00?


What year was bazooka gum invented?

Bazooka gum made it's first appearance after World War II in 1945.

What is the bubble gum bazooka?

it is a type a gum that can be blown into a bubble

When was bazooka gum invented?


What was the first gum ever invented?


Is the Original Bazooka Bubble Gum good for you?


Is bazooka gum aspartame free?

Try the "kosher" bazooka. I lived in Israel, it does not. U can get it on amazon

How much could you buy with a dollar in 1971?

20 ice cream cones

Does bazooka gum make bigger bubbles than 5 gum?