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Microsoft was invented during the cold war.

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Q: How does the cold war relate to Microsoft?
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How does the battle of long tan relate to the cold war?

It doesn't relate to the cold war anymore than any other Viet War battle. Long Tan was simply Australia's first big fight in Vietnam.

How would World War 1 and World War 2 relate to the Cold War?

because i think it was somthing to do with the treaty of versaille

How do you relate Microsoft with Charles Babbage?

Only in that Microsoft works with computers.

How does the Cold War relate to the US Constitution?

It probably doesn't; since the Constitution was written a century and half before the advent of atomic weapons. Atomic weapons (nukes) created the cold war. Without nuclear weapons there would have no cold war.

How does Communist relate to the Cold War?

America didn't trust Russia because they were communist. both Russia and America were in a time of distrust with each other, thinking they may go to war. this time was called the "cold war"

How does sputnik relate to the cold war?

Sputnik was the first artificial satellite ever launched into space. Because it was a Russian accomplishment, the United States immediately hurried to catch up with them. This competition was a major characteristic of the Cold War.

How do lemonade stands relate to war?

they relate to war b/c they dont!

How does bin Laden relate to the Cold War?

During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, in the latter part of the Cold War, bin Laden was (amazingly enough) an ally of the US, and received US military aid to help him oppose the Soviet invasion.

How does the war in Ireland relate to the war in Kashmir?

Both relate to a region that is disputed between countries.

How does the cold war relate to anything that is happening now?

Well, the end of the Cold War was the end of the Soviet Union, and the U.S.S.R. became Russia again, and they are allies of us again, as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union caused the current population decline of Russia.

How does the cold war relate to the Vietnam War?

There are no relations between the two wars, but some of the major countries (such as the Soviet Union, China, U.S., etc) played important roles in both wars.

What are songs that relate to In Cold Blood?

umm halellujah