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there is direct fire so the fire man can see the target and the observatory controled fire and that range depend on weapon the range may be more than 30 km

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The distance a 155 mm Howitzer cannon can shoot is dependent on the angle of attack. The steeper the angle of attack, the shorter the distance it will travel horizontally.

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Current howitzers like the American M109-A6 and the British AS-90 fire approximately 40 km. The South African army's G6 Rhino claims 52 km with a V-lap round

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About 3ft and a half.

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Q: How far can a 155mm Howitzer cannon shoot?
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How far can the average cannon shoot?

There's no such thing as an "average" cannon. But looking at US howitzers: 105mm howitzer: 11,600m 155mm howitzer: 18,000m 175mm gun: 34,000m 203mm howitzer: 16,800m The 175mm gun had such a long range because it was designed to destroy rear-echelon targets like division headquarters. It was also intended to kill Soviet heavy artillery pieces like the 2S5 (152mm gun) and 2S7 (203mm gun) because it could shoot farther than either of those pieces. The 203mm M110 howitzer, a Corps-level asset, has been replaced by the Multiple Launch Rocket System.

What was the most accurate howitzer used in Vietnam?

By far the most common US howitzer was the 105mm split trail (towed piece). The most common SP (Self Propelled gun) was the 155mm SP. There were some SP 175mm, 8 inch SP, and 155mm split trails in use. Unless their tubes were wore out, they were all accurate.

How far can a canndon shoot?

Depends on the cannon. The field artillery used in the American Civil War could shoot about 1000 meters. The "Paris Gun" used by Germany in WW 1 could shoot 81 miles. The present day US 155 mm howitzer can shoot 25 miles with special guided ammunition.

How far can a rifled cannon shoot?

A rifled cannon can shoot approximatly 500 yards. The rifled cannon is a great weapon. I advise you to use it(if you have one) in a space between 600 and 700 yards.

A gun postioned at 45 degree can shoot how far?

Depends on the gun. And 45 degree is not the maximum range- it is about 41 degrees. A .22 short pistol might fire about 500 yards, a .300 Winchester Magnum about 5-6 miles. If you include artillery, the 155mm howitzer has a max range just over 9 miles, and a battleship can reach about 26 miles with their 16 inch guns.

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How far can a 48 in gun shoot if an 18.1 in gun can shoot a projectile 26 miles?

There is a problem here. If you mean a gun 18.1 inches long, it cannot shoot 26 miles. If you mean a gun that fires a shell 18.1 inches in diameter, that is a very rare large cannon- and THOSE would be hard pressed to fire a shell 26 miles. There were no 48" diameter cannon. Please rephrase your question, or post a message on my message board, and we will try to get you an answer.

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