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About the same distance as driving from California to Alabama. Or roughly, around 1700 miles.

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Q: How far is Vietnam from the closet point of Australia?
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How far is it from Vancouver bc to saigon Vietnam?

Approximately 8,000 miles.

How many congressmen sons fought in the Vietnam war?

Some. Few and far between, however.

Who spoke out against the Vietnam War?

Many famous people opposed the Vietnam War, including Gene McCarthy, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jane Fonda (who went a bit too far), Gore Vidal, and many more.

Who were the countries involved in the Vietnamese War?

As we know, the battle of Dien Bein Phu in 1954 led to the Geneva Conference. Great losses highlighted the necessity that something had to be done. The conference was convened by north vietnam and was represented by the vietminh. The south was represented by Bao Dai and cambodia, laos, USA, GB, China, USSR and France were also present. As a result of the conference, Laos and Cambodia became independant states. North and south vietnam were divided into two seperate countries and french troops were withdrawn from vietnam after a cease fire was declared. It was said that a national election would be held after two years but the USA and Saigon (in south vietnam) believed that the elections would have too much communist influence and refused to let the elections to go ahead. The fear of the domino theory (spread of communism to the rest of asia) ecouraged US involvement. ESSENTIALLY, THE USA SUPPORTED THE SOUTH AND CHINA AND USSR SUPPORTED THE NORTH. It was another communist VS capitalist battle. Depends on how widely you view the "war". As far as who else was fighting along with U.S. troops, you had the other members of SEATO (treaty that called for defense of other members in Asia), including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Phillipines, and Thailand. South Korea had the second largest contingent of "allied" troops (approx. 50,000), followed by Australia (approx. 7,000). Of course, you also had the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN). On the other side, you had North Vietnam (with military aid & advisors from Soviet Union and China). Also sucked into the larger conflit was Cambodia and Laos. (both countries had their own civil wars going on). Of course, prior to U.S. involvement, France was fighting the communist rebels in Vietnam (their former colony).

What is a Vietnam Combat Veteran?

It is a veteran who served in the US Military during the time of the Vietnam War without defining the role played within the war itself. It is not saying that they saw combat in Vietnam or that they were even in Asia. Very few who saw actual service in Vietnam would actually use that terminology, preferring something like I was at Dong Ha, or Khe Sahn or Danang. It does not however automatically mean that they did not serve in country.

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How far is Vietnam from the nearest part of Australia?

It is an estimated 3,123 miles between Vietnam and the closest part of Australia. The flight time between these locations is 7 hours and 26 minutes.

Where is the most northern point in Australia?

Australia's northernmost point is Cape York, which is the far north tip of Queensland.

What is the duration of Far from Vietnam?

The duration of Far from Vietnam is 1.92 hours.

How far apart is Vietnam from Florida?

how far is Vietnam from Melbourne or Florida

When was Far from Vietnam created?

Far from Vietnam was created on 1967-10-01.

How far is Tasmania from mainland Australia?

The distance from Australia's island state of Tasmania to the closest point on the mainland is around 240 km.

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How far is Dubai to Vietnam?


How far is it from Melbourne to mansfield Australia?

Driving from Melbourne to Mansfield will take about 3 hours depending on your point of departure in Melbourne.

What are the countries of the Far East?

The countries of the far east are Japan, China, Tibet, Korea (North and South), Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, East Timor, the Philippines Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

What in the highest point in South Australia?

About 15 minutes' drive from Adelaide city centre is Mt Lofty Summit, which is 710m above sea level. It is not the highest point in South Australia: that honour goes to Mt Woodroffe (1,435 m) in the Musgrave Ranges in the far northwest of South Australia.

What is the distance from north to south in Australia?

about 800miles