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About 40 miles south of the DMZ

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Q: How far is phu bai from the dmz?
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What is the name of Vitthal Umap autobiography?

Phu Bai Phu, Phugadi Phu

What is the airport code for Phu Bai International Airport?

The airport code for Phu Bai International Airport is HUI.

Was a massacre at Phu Bai Vietnam?

my lai

What is the name of Hue's largest airport?

Phu Bai International Airport.

What is distance from Hue Vietnam to Phu Bai Vietnam?

12 miles south of Hue

Who was the second maintenance Bn Phu Bai Vietnam?

the US Army's 2nd maint bn was stationed at vung tau until aug 69 when it moved to I corps. HQ and main support co was stationed at the phu bai airport- which is now an international airport.

Did phu bai have a landing strip?

Phu Bai had become a very large military installation by 1969. I was put there and I left from there 431 days later on a C-130. I was assigned to the 101st at Phu Bai, and I recall the morning I heard the sound of distant jet engines ramping up. I was surprised to see a Boeing 727 taking flight over the tree line about 2 1/2 miles away (but still within the confines of the Phu Bai installation. The plane was operated by So VN for indigenous folks that were well-off. Prior to that morning the largest plane I had known to land/depart from Phu Bai was the C-130. Those occasional 727s that came and went had to come in and leave at a pretty high angle- certainly nothing like what a US passenger would tolerate- the kind of take-off or landing the C-130 does routinely. Of course, Phu Bai was loaded with every variety of helicopter, certainly in the hundreds in number- but, then again, we were the 101st Airborne, and, as I recall, two or three of our infantry divisions were HQed there. At night on the bunker'perimeter line, because of the terrain and a large swamp between our segregated compound and the "airport" we could see the lighted larger buildings- hangers- where mechanic operations would take place. Phu Bai was a big place. By 1970, Charlie and the NVA didn't mess with Phu Bai beyond occasional harassment mortars- it wasn't prudent for lots of reasons. And Laos/Cambodia channels were only a few miles away (VN is very narrow in the location of the DMZ where Phu Bai was. Remember: major military confrontations had taken place In/around Hue in the TET of 1968 (18 months earlier and just a few miles away) with lots of lives lost by everybody. The VC had largely moved away form our AO, but for the harassment role. Thus, the RSVN felt okay to fly 727s in and out- not sure how "regular" was their schedule.

When did 3rd marine division headquarters move to phu-bai?

The 3rd Marine Division moved its headquarter to Phu Bai from Da Nang in October of 1966. This was due to an order given to commanding general Lew Walt to strengthen the areas just south of the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone.

Were there any major attacks on Phu Bai in the early 1970?

Things were pretty calm in '70 in Phu Bai AO (Area of Operation). You had to "look" for a fight in those heavily congested US areas in 1970. Or...go into the I Corps AO near the Laos border (Khe Sanh, Rock Pile, Lang Vei, etc.) or Con Thien (US Army names: A4 and C2 Firebases) AO near the DMZ, didn't have to look for a fight (trouble) in those places...the NVA were in those regions and they would hunt GI's!

How far was Camp Page from DMZ?

40 miles

Where was the 158th helicopter assault bn In Vietnam?

The best way (other than the "Order of Battle Vietnam" book) is knowing what division it was assigned to. And divisions moved around a lot in South Vietnam; if the 158th was with the 101st Abn Div (Ambl) in '70, '71 then it was in I Corps at Phu Bai (which had Camp Eagle & Camp Evans as part of the Phu Bai command).

How far is Phu my from ho chi min city?

About 90 km.

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