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the US Army's 2nd maint bn was stationed at vung tau until aug 69 when it moved to I corps. HQ and main support co was stationed at the phu bai airport- which is now an international airport.

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Q: Who was the second maintenance Bn Phu Bai Vietnam?
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Was a massacre at Phu Bai Vietnam?

my lai

What is distance from Hue Vietnam to Phu Bai Vietnam?

12 miles south of Hue

What is the name of Vitthal Umap autobiography?

Phu Bai Phu, Phugadi Phu

Where was the 158th helicopter assault bn In Vietnam?

The best way (other than the "Order of Battle Vietnam" book) is knowing what division it was assigned to. And divisions moved around a lot in South Vietnam; if the 158th was with the 101st Abn Div (Ambl) in '70, '71 then it was in I Corps at Phu Bai (which had Camp Eagle & Camp Evans as part of the Phu Bai command).

How far is phu bai from the dmz?

About 40 miles south of the DMZ

What is the name of Hue's largest airport?

Phu Bai International Airport.

Where was the 501st Infantry Regiment Stationed during the Vietnam War?

The 1st and 2nd (strike) battalions of the "O" Deuce (502nd) were at Phu Bai (I Corps) from '69/'70 until '72. They were spread out (putting out fires) in the southern portions of South Vietnam prior to those years.

What inf unit was located phu bai Vietnam camp hochmouth 1970?

There were several. 1/502, 3/506, 2/327, 2/501st among other units.

Who is dien bien phu?

Dien Bien Phu is a place in Northwestern Vietnam .

What city in Vietnam did the french loose in 1954?

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu in North Vietnam in 1954.

Where would l acquire a list of soldiers stationed in Phu Bai Vietnam from December 22 1969 through January 14 1970?

If the two sources named on the previous post don't work, then try the US Department of Defense, Vietnam War Service Index.

Where is dien bin phu located?

Northwestern Vietnam .