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The world was shown that communism could be stopped. And that communist aggression would NOT be tolerated.

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The Korea war still affects us today. It affects us because our relationship with Korea is not a positive relationship. The Korea war also caused North Korea and South Korea to be at odds.

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There are still ice bergs trapped around the coast



KOrea is divided into two countries; one comunist (north) and one democratic (south)

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Q: How is Korea still effected by the cold war?
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Who is the U.S. still enemies with from the cold war?

North Korea

Who were most effected in the Korean War?

North & South Korea were most effected. The war never left their soil.

Why does the US and north Korea don't get along?

Because North Korea is still fighting the Cold War

How was the Korean War an example of cold war hostilities?

The Soviet Union (Russia) and Communist China support Communist N. Korea. The USA and the United Nations supported S. Korea. Their is still trouble Today between N. and S. Korea, even though the war ended in 1953.

What country was manipulated by cold war?

Virtually all countries were effected or manipulated by the Cold War.

Has the end of the cold war solved problemes in Korea?

No. There are still social and political issues between north Korea and south Korea(and pretty much the rest of the world too)

Was Korea a communist or capitalist country in the cold war?

Both The North had and still has a communist government. The South had and still has a capitalist government

What were some battles of the cold war?

None, the cold war wasn't a war. However...Korea & Vietnam can be considered two "battles" of the cold war; since Korea/VN were "hot" (shooting & killing) wars during the cold war. The cold war was about communism vs free world. Korea/VN were both fought between communists and the free world.

Why was Korea a cold war hot spot?

Korea was the first hot spot of the cold war. What began as a civil war became the cold war when the US and its allies united under the flag of the United Nations and backed South Korea while the Soviet Union and China supported North Korea.

What has not changed since the Korean War?

The cold war is still going on in the penisula. The people and the land are still in seperation. American military troops is still there. North Korea is still under strict planned economy.

Cold war was between?

us and Korea

In what way did the growing conflict in Korea symbolize the overall Cold War?

The growing conflict in Korea was a microcosm of the overall Cold War as there was no direct armed conflict.