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The battle in Gallipoli, during World War 1, lasted for 9 months. Although the battle ended in 120,000 casualties it held no significance to the war itself.

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Q: How long many months were the soldiers in gallipoli in the world war?
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How long did the british soldiers stay in Egypt in the gallipoli campaign?

18 months

How long were Australian soldiers in Gallipoli?

The ANZAC troops were evacuated from Gallipoli eight months after the initial landing which occurred on 25 April 1915.

How long did the fighting last for in gallipoli?

8 months.

How long does it take from Australia to gallipoli on a boat?

Several months

How long did they train at Gallipoli?

The ANZAC troops did not train at Gallipoli. They trained in Egypt, usually for a period of three months.

How long were Australian troops at Gallipoli?

From April 25th of 1915 to December of 1915. So about eight months.

How long were Confederate soldiers in the army?

3 months

How long did it take to get to Gallipoli in World War I?

They went from Australia to Egypt to Gallipoli it would take to 4-5 days

How long did soldiers fight in WW1?

Ithink around 16 months for some!

How long did Simpson and his donkey last in the world war 2?

Simpson and his donkey were not in World War 2: Simpson was shot dead at Gallipoli in 1915 after three and a half weeks carrying wounded men on the donkey. His role as stretcher-bearer with a donkey was taken over by New Zealand teacher Richard Henderson. The donkey lasted throughout the Gallipoli campaign, and was eventually evacuated with the troops eight months later.

How long did the anzacs take to get from nz to gallipoli?

beats me

What battle is the reason for ANZAC remembrance?

The initial reason for the ANZAC remembrance was the landing of the ANZAC troops at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. 744 men were killed on the first day, and about 620 of them were Australian. Over the ensuing months, many more were killed, but this was not a single battle - it was a long, protracted campaign, the Campaign of Gallipoli.