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North Carolina

Pope AFB (AMC)

Seymour Johnson AFB (ACC)

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Q: How many Active-duty air force bases in nc?
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How many major active duty air force bases are there in NC?


What is the name of the air force base in Michigan?

There are three Air Force Air National Guard bases in Michigan.

Are there any US Air Force bases in Israel?

No, there are no USAF bases in Israel

Do air force bases board horses?

Yes, some Air Force bases do board horses. Check with the base MWR office to find out for sure.

What is collecting and sharing Geobase data with bases throughout the Air Force?

On Air Force; One map

What has the author Robert Mueller written?

Robert Mueller has written: 'For People Just Like Us:' 'Air Force bases' -- subject(s): Air bases, Directories 'Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide' 'Air Force bases'

Why was it called Howard Air Force Base instead of Howard Air Base Outside the U.S. they are called Air Bases not Air Force Bases.?

the word FORCE was not pol correct. I was stationed at Wheelus AFB Libya and the word force was left out of alot of listings. Gary Whitney

What Air Force Bases are in California?

* Beale Air Force Base. * Edwards Air Force Base. * Los Angeles Air Force Base. * Vandenberg Air Force Base. * Presidio of Monterey (Defense Language Institute)

What air force base bombed libya in 1986?

One of the air force bases that bombed Libya in 1985 was the Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath.

Does the air force get to travel like the navy?

The U.S. Air Force has numerous bases outside of the United States.

What air force bases have fighter jets?

all of them otherwise it wouldn't really be an AIR FORCE base... ^^^Incorrect^^^ Actually, there are some Air Force bases that dont have fighter jets, they only have A-10's which are classified as Attackers, not fighters, and mostly bombers.

What air force bases have low deployment rates?

It is important to note that deployment rates can vary over time and are subject to change. That being said, some United States Air Force bases that have historically had lower deployment rates include Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, and McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. These bases are primarily responsible for training, support, and research missions, which may contribute to lower deployment rates compared to bases focused on combat operations.