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Air Force Instruction 31-101

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Q: What air force instruction does the arming and use of force by air force personnel fall under?
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What regulation governs breastfeeding in the army?

As far as I can tell, there is none. The only mention of any such regulation exists in the Air Force, and is covered under Air Force Instruction 44-102 (see related link).

Where can you find the air force chronic critical skills list for 2012?

You can find the Air Force Critical Skills List for 2012 on the official website of the U.S. Air Force Personnel Center. Alternatively, you can also try searching for it in military forums or websites that provide resources for Air Force personnel.

What kind of use of force option would a baton fall under?

A baton typically falls under the category of impact weapons or less-lethal force options. It is used by law enforcement and security personnel for controlling suspects through striking or jabbing actions. It is considered an intermediate force option between empty hand techniques and lethal force.

What services does Bank of America provide with their Military bank services?

The bank of America provides active military personnel with a banking service to suit their needs whilst on active duty. Bills and such will be handled and dealt with under pre instruction.

What personnel are subject to action under the ucmj for unprofessional reletionships?

officers and enlisted personnel

What is the dates of the war?

US personnel arrived under the Eisenhower administration in 1955. US personnel departed in April 1975 under the Ford administration.

What is the dates of Vietnam war?

US personnel arrived under the Eisenhower administration in 1955. US personnel departed in April 1975 under the Ford administration.

Are dod instruction under DIACAP?

DIACAP is DoD Instruction 8510.01. In that respect, SOME DoD instructions fall under DIACAP, but most DoD instructions have nothing to do with DIACAP.

What is an arming cap?

A small quilted cap worn under a mail coif that offered protection against blows and the friction of mail against the head.

What is Extra Regional Force?

Extra Regional Force refers to a military force or alliance that operates outside of its own region or geographical area. It may involve military personnel, equipment, or assets from multiple countries, working together under a common command, to address security or humanitarian issues in a region where they do not have a direct territorial or national interest. These forces are often deployed under the authorization of international organizations or agreements.

How do you get enlisted SURF on vMPF?

You don't. It's on AMS under Personnel Information.

What is robbery first degree bf?

"My guess is that the abbreviation "bf" means "By Force."*BF does not mean 'by force'. BF is the categorization of the crime. BF means it was a Class B Felony, which means that a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife was used.Another example, Assault on Personnel would classify under a C Class Felony, or CF.