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Of the more than 58,000 American soldier killed during the Vietnam War, eight were women. Sixty American female civilians were also killed.

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Vietnamese=6528901 ;)

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Q: How many Americans and how many Vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?
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How many Americans died in the Vietnam conflict?

About 51000 Americans died in the Vietnam conflict.

How many south Vietnamese died in Vietnam war?

2 Beobles

How many Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam?

The Vietnam government claimed that about 400,000 Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam.

In what country is the surname Nguyen the most common?

That's a last name which is very common in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese Americans have that last name too. I am told it's pronounced "Winn."

How many Vietnamese people died?

1.1 million North Vietnemese people were killed during the Vietnam war

How many Vietnamese were killed by Americans and South Vietnamese?


How many North Vietnamese enlisted in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam also drafted it's men; captured NVA pith helmets had graffiti written on them that read in Vietnamese, "Born in the North, died in the South."

How many soldier were lost during the Vietnam war?

58,212 Americans were the first names listed on the Vietnam Memorial as the casualties of the war. Hopefully, someone else can add the South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese casualty count - as well as the Australian, Canadian, and Korean casualty numbers.

How many Americans served in the Vietnamese war?

5 Americans

How many Northern Vietnamese were killed in Vietnam War?


How many people total died in the Vietnam War?

US combat dead: 58209 According to the Vietnamese government, 1,100,000 Vietnam People's Army and National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam military personnel and 2,000,000 Vietnamese civilians on both sides died in the conflict. Above provided by Wikipedia.

How many americans died during veitnam war?

about 4 million soldiers died during the Vietnam war